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Vintage aircraft parts and memorabilia, mostly one of a kind items. Many items are aviation museum quality. Shop Online for our latest listings of vintage aviation antiques.

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A great many of these antiques are one of a kind, never to be offered again. I have supplied many an item to prestigious museums and airmen the world over. As years pass you will find your purchased aviation artifact a source of increasing enjoyment and a sound financial investment in inflationary times. When you read this, they are available, and an email, a fax or phone call will hold them for your purchase.

We have sorted our large collection to help you find the items that interest you most, whether from the civilian or military side of aviation history. Our warehouse contains thousands of items including maps, instruments, photos, apparel, propellers, data plates, patches, books and stuff we store under a “miscellaneous” sign.

If you know what you’re looking for—say a flight attendant uniform from the 1920s civil aviation period—you can use the search box above. Or, if you’re mostly interested in World War II antiques, select the appropriate category link to the left and browse our collection of neat old airplane stuff. Whether it’s a control wheel from B-52 Stratofortress or a complete radial engine, we’re sure that you’ll find something that will catch your attention.

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Shop Online, call, fax or email me. Please note that I am difficult to reach by phone…..if you have a question or want an item held, its best to email me.





Jon Aldrich began to collect aviation antiques many years ago. He would buy whole collections or just an interesting piece or two when he found them. He began a newsletter to let fellow collectors know what he’d found, sitting with his wife at the kitchen table, cutting and pasting an old-fashioned newsletter together that they mailed to interested aviation antique collectors.

In time, Jon transferred the information to a website which grew over the years as he added more items. Jon passed a number of years ago, and is now one of those who have “Gone West.”

I’m his son Curtiss, and I followed in my dad’s footsteps and took over the maintenance of the website, continuing to add items of interest to the aviation community. I took a liking to airplanes as early as I can remember. One of my chores was to clean the belly of our Waco UPF-7, as I was the right height to stand under the fuselage and wipe it with a rag.

The years passed, and I began to wish we could have a more up-to-date website, with a proper shopping cart and other features to help you find whatever you might be looking for in the collections. You’re looking at the fruits of our labors, and we hope you agree that our new website is easier to use.

Those of you who knew Old Jon will be glad that his memory lives on and we will continue to sell neat old airplane stuff on this website. In Jon’s memory, office hours will remain sporadic, but we promise to ship your orders asap.